Media Evaluation

Welcome to the Utah Instructional Media Consortium evaluation site. If you have questions about using this site you can contact your local media specialist

About UIMC

The purpose of the UIMC is to support the educational needs of Utah public school students in teaching and learning and the Utah State Core Curriculum. UIMC acts as a recommending body to the Utah State Board of Education and/or local school districts, public charter schools, and the Utah Electronic High School for previewing, selecting, purchasing, and distributing school instructional media programs. Member districts and public charter schools pool an annual contribution of .77 per student to provide equitable access to a statewide rich library of media content. Instructional Media licensed through the consortium is distributed through district and regional service center media libraries, UEN eMedia, KUED and UEN-TV broadcast programs, and individual school collections. Without this cost-sharing process, media would be severely limited and unequally distributed among Utah schools. Your assistance as an evaluator is much appreciated.

UIMC Online Preview Process

This short video tutorial explains how to locate and preview the videos that need to be evaluated and how to submit your evaluations.